Hashtag Fail

Image credit: dr over dt via compfight
Image credit: dv over dt via compfight

Back in January Walgreens appeared on Twitter account with a promoted hashtag that said #ILoveWalgreens. Walgreens paid a six figure amount to get this listed. They obviously wanted people to tweet and pronounce their love for the company and store.

Adam Kmiec, Walgreens’ Director of Social Media, says that Walgreens had three goals in mind for Twitter;

“We wanted to tap into all the reasons people love Walgreens and drive awareness of this conversation beyond just our followers.”

“We also wanted to help make any transition as easy as possible and ensure that our patients fully understand the issue. So we also had a process to redirect them to the right answers or take the conversation offline.”

The use for paid advertising for Walgreens here ended up being terrible for them. Instead of driving these types of goals for them, however drew them vocal critics and very disappointed tweeters.

Some people accused them for trying to pay for love while other just flat-out self-promoted Walgreens in a hashtag language that was respectable.

Walgreens paid to have #ILoveWalgreens appear as a trending topic; which is ok, because Twitter allows a paid trending topic once a day. But the work then is to get people to trend along. It did not take much to get them appear to trend along. The tweets that were seen on twitter ranged from severe to hysterical and a few that seemed scary like the ones about making meth. Here are some examples of hashtags that have gone wrong for Walgreens:

“#ILoveWalgreens because the cheese has been in the cooler so long that you only have one day to eat it after purchase”

“#ILoveWalgreens because I prefer to pay $6 for a half-gallon of milk”

“#ILoveWalgreens because I know I can always find the ingredients to make meth there.”


One thought on “Hashtag Fail

  1. I think that if any large corporation decides to make a hashtag to promote something there will be negative feedback regardless. People always want to just troll around and be jokesters, so in my opinion there is no way to avoid negative feedback

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