3-5 Tips on Writing an Effective Press Release

Image credit: Amir Kuckovic via compfight
Image credit: Amir Kuckovic via compfight

According to Katie Shill,  5 Refreshers for Writing an Effective Press Release, press releases are valued to be very crucial to PR professions because they provide you with the opportunity to share great news and enhance company’s visibility. Before you put out an effective press release it is very important to ask yourself two vital question: does the reporter find the information compelling and will the journalist find your announcement to be worth covering?

If your answer is yes to both of these question then here is some helpful tips provided by Katie Shill that will ensure you that your press release will be very effective:

1. Know the alternatives:

It is important for you to know if press release is the best option for you on how to share news and announcements. Then you need to be an imperative advisor to your clients. It is important to share alternatives that maybe as effective such as social media and updating your blogs.

2.  Avoid corporate speak:

It is essential to be very clear. You should take the time to fully comprehend the press release and make sure that you that you speak directly to your audience and not use that corporate jargon.  Un-Suck It or Learnings.org are useable websites to help you find better word replacements.

3.  Streamline your release to just one angle:

You want to simplify your message for your press release by focusing on one idea.  It is good for you to minimize qualifiers and conditional tenses and think of active sentences with strong verbs. The chances of your audience remembering you better are great if you keep your message simpler.

4.  Focus on features and benefits:

When focusing on features and benefits the feature is said to answer the question what?,  while the benefit as the question why?. Your announcements should be showcased, followed by an explanation of the value of your product for the target audience and end users. It is vital to focus on what’s in it for the people because by doing that people will want to learn more about your information.


2 thoughts on “3-5 Tips on Writing an Effective Press Release

  1. After reading these tips on writing an effective press release, I can say that I definitely agree with every tip that you mentioned. The tip that I found to be extremely important is the tip on being very clear on what you are trying to say. You must know your audience, and you must speak in a way that that particular audience can completely understand. Also, the press release must be interesting and worth reading because if it isn’t then businesses are not going to want to read them.

  2. I think that you have listed a lot of really good tips and you have written them in a way to catch people’s attention. I really like you last tip about focusing on features and benefits. i think this is another very important thing when writing a press release.

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