Interview on Azhar Hussain



Azhar N. Hussain

(812) 237–8945

Azhar Hussain is an assistant professor of aviation management at Indiana State University and is my academic advisor who I conducted a face to face interview. I started off by asking Professor Hussain what is a typical week like for you. A typical week for Hussain is teaching three classes a week and always preparing for his classes by going over his PowerPoint’s. When he is not instructing and preparing for classes through the week he is attending to his classwork for his doctorate degree.

Professor Hussain shared with me a project that he was proud about. It was wildlife hazardous project that he worked on at Kissimmee Airport. It took him about a year to gather up all the data such as where they roost, nest, feeding areas, fly from, and where do the wildlife go at night. Then Professor Hussain proceeded to put this data on maps to have a clue from where the activity is coming from. After doing that the plan was to eliminate these areas for a safer airport environment. It was a long project but it gave him a better understanding where these wildlife came from and how to remove them for safer traffic.

Professor Hussain education did not prepare him as much for working in public relations.  Professor Hussain only had the basics in college such as communication courses and some public relations courses. Professor Hussain said that most of the time you learn from on job training such as:

  1. You learn how to answer questions.
  2. You learn how to reactive to certain things.
  3. And you learn how to take care of certain issues without raising any problems.

Professor Hussain attended Florida Institute of Technology in the year of 1983 to 1987, where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree of science . Three years later Professor Hussain graduated from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University and received a Master’s degree in aviation.  Professor Hussain has currently obtained a Doctor of Education, Instructional Tech, and Distance Learning from Nova Southeastern University.

Professor Hussain is currently an active member in:

  1. American Association of Airport Executives
  2. Aviation Professionals
  3. Aviation Association of Indiana
  4. Airport Council International – North America





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